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        F&S Industries

With Headquarter located in Houston (TX), F&S Industries, LLC has 24-year experience in global oil and gas supply chain. F&S Industries provides a wide range of cost-effective steam and gas handling, combustion and recovery technologies and services in the United States, Canada, Denmark and throughout Asia and the Middle East. F&S Industries also offers services in other industries, including Chemical, Medical and Aerospace. HaaenClean is the only partner with F&S Industries in China.

      Scientific Aviation

Scientific Aviation, located in Colorado, USA, is an aviation research company specializing in atmospheric measurement and emission flux quantification of methane, carbon dioxide and other trace gases for air quality, climate, LDAR and atmospheric research. Rely on its services and expertise to provide customers and collaborators with advanced capabilities and reliable data to make smart decisions to better understand the impact of human activities on the atmosphere.


HydroChemPSC, headquartered in Deer Park, Texas, is the largest engineering company providing cleaning and waste gas treatment services in the United States. HydroChemPSC’s collective national footprint covering 90 refineries in 50 states allows them to truly become that “one-stop shop”, providing upstream and downstream customers with hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, vacuum services, hydro & pneumatic excavation, sewer services, turnaround management, tank cleaning, vapor control management, water treatment, crude oil reclamation and site remediation, etc.



Lesni A/S , headquartered in Biron, Denmark, specializes in providing standard technology packages and innovative solutions for waste air purification, and removal of irritating odor emissions, toxic gases, solvents, dust and aggressive gases. For the past 32 years, Lesni has designed, supplied and installed more than 1000 air purification plants worldwide, and provided an extensive range of services, including: front end design studies, manufacture and supply of purification solutions for waste gas, volatile organic and odor emissions, as well as thermal, catalytic and regenerative oxidizers, which safely and effectively destroy waste off gases from a diverse range of production processes.

        SOR Controls Group


SOR Controls Group, Ltd is a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of measurement control equipment. Its brands include SOR®, SENSOR®, Smart Sensors Incorporated (SSi®) and SETEX®. SOR® is mainly engaged in the production of pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge, thermometer, flowmeter, liquid level gauge, valve, measuring instrument and other products in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. And Smart Sensors Incorporated (SSi®), SENSOR® and SETEX® are mainly engaged in the production of closed sampling systems, thermocouples, thermistors, thermowells and temperature transmitters in Houston, Texas, USA.

        VSP Technologies


VSP technologies, headquartered in Prince George, Virginia, USA, has 41 years of experience in quality fluid-sealing products designing for reliability and safety, and expert advice and installation support. Thanks to less downtime, process improvements, installation training, and access to VSP’s experts, VSP customers have reported over $135 million in documented cost savings. VSP is not a gasket supplier looking to offer a short term fluid-sealing solution. We aim to understand your particular problem in order to develop optimum, longer-term solutions, and we utilize our expertise and experience to become involved in all parts of the gasket-use process from start to finish.