HaaenClean Participates in Activities in the Jing’an District

In order to share the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection and important speech in Shanghai, which began the seventh plenary session of the eleventh municipal committee spreading the spirit of the tenth plenary session of the first district committee.  According to the document ‘Shanghai Vanguard Action’ and the educational deployment plan of Jingan District which was issued by grass-root organisations and party members in the city. This states ‘ Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind .’ On the morning of November 12th, 2019, Yang Gang, Secretary of logistics as well as his delegation all from Shanghai Jing ‘an District Central Hospital visited HaaenClean party branch to guide the work and sign an agreement on the establishment of the parties organisation in the Jing’an District.

Secretary Gang Yang is introduced to Secretary Wei Xia with the agreement based on building partnerships

Secretary Gang Yang asked Wei Xia, Secretary of HaaenClean’s Party branch, about the development and difficulties of daily construction work, he gave suggestions on organizing WeChat activities in regards of problems such as scattered business trips and high mobility of personnel, sharing the experience of the hospitals logistics in using the app to learn from the powerful country. After discussion, the two-party branches set three goals for building a joint construction activity, including online training for the development of Party members, building white-collar health guidance services and environmental protection publicity activities, jointly visiting the site of the first and second National Congress of the Communist Party of China and reviewing the oath to join the party.

Secretary Xia Wei introduced HaaenClean’s business and characteristics within the environmental protection industry to Secretary Yang Gang and his party

HaaenClean expects to learn a great deal from the party organizations of government departments, enterprises and institutions through the “double pairing” with the logistics Party branch of Jing’an District Central Hospital. This will continuously improve the organizational construction capacity of the ‘Two New’ party branches, and create a new pattern of Party construction work with joint social public welfare activities, spiritual civilization construction, all kinds of cultural activities and community people in need.