On the afternoon of November 12, 2019, the acceptance meeting of GuanWei LDAR Audit Platform (version 2.0) ended successfully at HaaenClean’s Shanghai headquarters, marking that HaaenClean officially entered the era of the fifth generation LDAR service.

The acceptance meeting of GuanWei LDAR Audit Platform(Ver 2.0)

Next-Generation LDAR Service

HaaenClean’s fifth-generation LDAR service is further upgraded based on the fourth-generation fully-automated integrated process model, which not only optimizes the internal audit of the project by GuanWei LDAR Audit Platform (Version 2.0) and GPS location maps, but also adds LPBP services to meet the needs of enterprises for leak repair and improve the overall level of enterprises’ mechanical integrity.

HaaenClean’ s fifth generation LDAR service

GuanWei LDAR Audit Platform(Ver 2.0)

Guanwei LDAR Audit Platform (Version 2.0) has the technical characteristics of modularization, microservices, high editability, and big data processing. Its forward-looking functions and architecture design have comprehensively improved the audit effects of LDAR projects. The module partitioning of audit platform improves the operating efficiency of the platform, and the flexible architecture makes the process more transparent and standardized, which not only eliminates the bottleneck at the database level, but also improves the operation and maintenance efficiency, ensuring the platform runs securely and stably.

GuanWei LDAR Audit Platform(2.0)

Computer Software Copyright Registration

The audit platform can not only make HaaenClean’s internal audit work more intelligent, standardized, and convenient, its multi-level architecture also suitable for provincial, municipal, and park government-level LDAR audit work, and provides powerful tools for group, enterprise and factory’s self-inspection.

GPS Location Map

HaaenClean’s fifth-generation LDAR service installed a GPS positioning module on the detection device FID3, which can be combined with on-site RFID radio frequency identification tags and system location information supplementation to conduct comprehensive three-dimensional supervision and efficient management of detection work to ensure the truth accurate.

GPS Location map

LPBP Service

LPBP Service

The iteration of Internet technology is endless. HaaenClean’s fifth-generation LDAR service relies on big data and Internet thinking to closely integrate detection, maintenance and supervision, and strives to meet customer needs in a targeted manner to achieve continuous innovation in management and service models. Since 2011, although LDAR projects have been successfully implemented in more than 300 enterprises nationwide, the continuous operation of each project is still a new challenge for HaaenClean. This challenge not only comes from constantly updated regulatory requirements and customer needs, but also from the strict constraints imposed by HaaenClean’s team on self-innovation. However, it is this driving force that has prompted HaaenClean to constantly break through itself, look up at the starry sky, find the next technological revolution, and keep down the ground and keep moving on the road of helping the industry to flourish in digitalization.