2019 CSPC environmental protection activity was successfully held in C1 and C2 office areas, November 27th – 28th, 2019. Haaenclean participated in this activity as one of the exhibitors.

On-site view of Haaenclean

This event is organized with the theme of environmental protection propaganda to raise the awareness of environmental protection among all employees and encourage employees to participate in environmental protection. Haaenclean demonstrated new mobile exhaust gas treatment technology and combined fleet for overhaul, inspection and maintenance, tank cleaning and other processes, as well as the latest fifth-generation LDAR service and supporting portable VOCs detector FID3. It raised close attention from the leaders and visitors of CSPC.
On-site activity

Haaenclean exhibiting team introduces mobile exhaust gas treatment system to the leaders of CSPC

Haaenclean’s technical team introduced the fifth-generation LDAR service and portable VOCs detector FID3 to CSPC employees

Part of Haaenclean’s on-site project team participated in environmental protection activities

This environmental protection activity not only enhanced the environmental awareness of the participants, but also let them understand the technical principles of the implementation of the LDAR project by the Haaenclean project team. In addition, through this activity, Haaenclean also learned about advanced monitoring and inspection technologies as well as equipment in many industries with in-depth exchanges with peers, thus bringing new opportunities of achieving the strategic goal of emission-free plant and providing overall environmental governance solutions in oil and gas, refining and chemical industries.