HaaenClean’s independently developed “GuanWei” VOCs Control Management Platform is the only VOCs related platform authorized by a national invention patent.

Based on the overall thinking of the Internet+, HaaenClean combines big data analysis with traditional industry databases in the control and supervision of VOCs, greatly improving convenience, timeliness and security.

GuanWei platform has multiple levels such as enterprise level, industrial park level, and government level. It breaks down the barriers of information among different participants, and simplifies government’s work processes of supervision and audit, forming a close loop among government, enterprises, and third-party service companies. At present, GuanWei has been applied stably in over 300 customers’ projects within 15 provinces and cities, helping customers to achieve their safe production and management.

The use of GuanWei platform reduces manual intervention, improves project implementation efficiency, and ensures data accuracy. It also controls the whole process of implementation to ensure the authenticity of the data. Moreover, the platform’s information storage and record function makes information sharing and archiving more convenient.

GuanWei LDAR audit platform incorporates the technical features of modularity, microservices structure, high customizability, and big data processing. Its forward-looking structure design comprehensively ensures the audit results of LDAR programs, and increases the processing speed of platform through module partitioning. Meanwhile, the flexible structure makes the audit process more transparent and standardized, thereby eliminating bottlenecks at the database level, which improves the maintenance efficiency, and safeguards the platform’s stable operation.

Audit Platform Display

HaaenClean provides customers with whole-process training courses of VOCs emission control, so that they can understand the relevant national and local regulations and requirements efficiently, and then implement and manage their VOCs control projects, and find out new solutions to their VOCs control requirements through Internet thinking. In addition, HaaenClean also provides domestic and foreign policy consulting and technical training services of VOCs control to provincial and municipal environmental science institutes, environmental protection bureaus and other government departments, assisting them to make strategic standards in line with national and local conditions.